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This section is where the user documentation for your project lives - all the information your users need to understand and successfully use your project.

For large documentation sets we recommend adding content under the headings in this section, though if some or all of them don’t apply to your project feel free to remove them or add your own. You can see an example of a smaller Docsy documentation site in the Docsy User Guide, which lives in the Docsy theme repo if you’d like to copy its docs section.

Other content such as marketing material, case studies, and community updates should live in the About and Community pages.

Find out how to use the Docsy theme in the Docsy User Guide. You can learn more about how to organize your documentation (and how we organized this site) in Organizing Your Content.


Here’s where your user finds out if your project is for them.

Getting Started

What does your user need to know to try your project?


See your project in action!


What does your user need to understand about your project in order to use it - or potentially contribute to it?

Core Tasks

What can your user do with your project?


Show your user how to work through some end to end examples.


Low level reference docs for your project.

Contribution Guidelines

How to contribute to the docs